Final Project

Week 6: Project Start

The initial idea behind the project captured my attention because I was looking for some good restaurants that are near the campus and this project aims to create a digital map of nearby restaurants and also 3D print some of the buildings and combine the two to make a final product that will help the incoming students to get familiar with the restaurants and potentially other important sites in the division street.

Here is the link to our group project proposal

Week 8: Prject Update

I worked on creating a 3D model of Hogan Brothers restaurant in sketch up as part of our group project. I also helped my group with creating web maps on ArcGIS, where we gathered some old maps of the Division St. and uploaded them on ArcGIS, and then generated embeddable links to make a web map. My goal is to contribute to my group by working on various tasks and helping my group to finish the project on time.

Final Project Website:

Final Project Website

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